Our first placement

May 4th, 2016

We receive a phone call to take siblings. A 10yr old boy and 7yr old girl. We drove to CYFD, so excited to start this journey! Butterflies in my stomach and expecting to walk in an emotional and chaotic situation. We met the kids, and it was the complete opposite. They were so excited to go with us. They couldn’t wait to meet our dogs. I was shocked to see them acting so calm considering what they have endured. We get home, and our lives forever changed at that moment. We had no idea what was going to happen but what I did know is that I now had more responsibilities. I was overwhelmed with emotions and didn’t want to screw up. Mind you we don’t have any biological children, but we do have nieces and nephews we are very close too. So I knew the basic needs of a child but these kids are complete strangers and I knew they would be testing the waters right away. Our first month was tough. I felt hopeless at times. We knew one thing for sure though we were not going to fail these kids.
Fast forward nine months and they were finally going home with their dad. Something entirely new to them because they had been with their mom for so long. CYFD warned us that the end would feel like the beginning and they were so right. Both children went back to old habits and were very angry. They were excited to move with dad but upset they couldn’t stay with us.
We spoke to the dad, who we have a great relationship with, about seeing them and still being a part of their lives. He was more than willing to allow us to stay connected. That stress went away, and I felt so relieved.
Here we are five months since they went home and we talk weekly and see them every other weekend. I feel blessed we were able to stay connected. Both of these children have taught me so much. I am forever thankful that God placed them in our home!


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