They are children too

After becoming a foster parent, you realize just how much people don’t understand. You realize how small minded people can be. I get asked all the time “are they, troubled kids?” “They are pretty bad right?” “how can you handle children like that?” “Do you think our children will be okay around your kids?” 

I know the fear you must have when it comes to my children. For what they have been through puts fear that your kids will be affected by it. Oh, they were abused will they hurt my children? Oh, they were sexually abused do you think they will touch my children? I am not naive by any means I reflect on their stories as well but for them!

How can I make sure my son who has night mares about his uncle punching him go away? How can I make sure we don’t trigger a certain child to blow up just because you speak about consequences that will be given if They don’t stop picking on his brother. I have to think about their safety first! I am by no means saying don’t worry about your children but open your heart to see that they deserve to treat the same. They didn’t ask for this life.  It is not their fault what happened to them. They are just children!!!!  Such innocent souls destroyed by toxic people. You can change their world by changing your thoughts. They don’t deserve to be judged because of a mistake that someone did to them. They deserve to be treated just like any other child. They deserve to be loved just like any other child! If we can change our thoughts to make a difference in their lives why wouldn’t we?


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