This week I flew to North Bloomfield, Ohio to visit my grandparents. Haven’t seen my grandmother in 13 years, my Pa flew down last year for my mothers birthday. It was truly an amazing feeling seeing her. Her health isn’t the greatest; I wanted to do nothing more but cater to this beautiful woman. My heart broke just seeing her struggle. We were going through pictures, and she just kept saying if you want them take them. Of course, I want them, but it crushed me because I was looking at a woman who was ready for the end. She has accepted the fact that she will not be here much longer and it hurt more than I expected. 

As the week went on, she kept giving me family air looms, and I felt blessed but broken at the same time. I am not ready but I know she is hurting and she is ready. I so badly wanted to tell her don’t give up, just keep going! Last night, which was our last night there, she asked me to get her jewelry. We started to go through all of her jewelry, and I kept asking the history of them all. I loved all the stories behind them. She gives me a ring and says I want you to have this. 

It was hard taking it; I can’t even really express the feeling. I felt honored my grandmother gave it to me, but I wasn’t ready to take it. Deep down it is because I felt like she was letting go. Age is scary and seeing my grandparents grow old has been hard. It is not easy, but it is part of life. 

It gave me a whole new look into life. I pray my children hold on to that ring and their children do the same. The story behind that ring means so much to me. Hopefully one day it impacts others as it did me. 


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