Update on the Ortega crew

It has been a hot minute since I have sat down and wrote a blog. I still write side notes when an idea comes to my mind but have you ever been so busy in life that your hobbies are pushed to the side. These past three months I felt like I needed to find myself again. I love to stay busy, and if I am not working, I feel like I am going crazy. Besides that, I wanted to update everyone how we have been. Life has been fantastic and emotional and crazy busy! We have finally adopted our oldest daughter. I will have a blog soon all about her adoption, but please welcome Miss Emily Elizabeth May Ortega. It is crazy to think I am officially a momma. I know many may think you are already a momma, no guys! I am finally a momma! No one can take her from me; no one can make any decisions for her other than her father and I. y’all my name is now on a freaking birth certificate, this feeling is amazing. Emily is thrilled to have a forever home and no more foster care finally. She is struggling a little in school, but I feel like she had a hard time transitioning from a semester of homeschooling to public. In homeschooling, I pretty much had to start at 3rd and 4th-grade levels because she moved so much in the past three years there wasn’t much learning retained. I think that homeschooling benefited by allowing me to help her reach the grade she was supposed to be, but public school is helping her build those social skills she needed. SInce being in public school math and science has been her struggle but we are happy she is progressing. We have also noticed she is communicating with her peers in a healthy way. SHe no longer fights or bullies kids either, so I have seen her grow so much this past year it makes me so proud of her. She has changed so much to better herself, and it is paying off. I believe she sees it too and is much happier with who she is.

Our two middle sons will be reunified with their biological grandmother here shortly. We have a great bond with their grandmother, and I feel like that is helping with all those crazy emotions you get when children are reunifying. We have had our boys for almost a year! They are the sweetest and so polite, I see bright futures for both of them. Our oldest son is starting to open up more and more. I am noticing his change, and it melts my heart that he is more optimistic as the time goes on. Our youngest son is a little stinker and always joking with us. He enjoys coming up to me and massaging my head. He will let me know every time that every momma deserves to relax, and I agree with him 100%. They are just the best, and I can’t wait to continue to watch them grow.
Now for the littlest of them all. Our eight-month-old daughter who keeps me on my toes. We went to court mother has relinquished her rights. So next step is the BIP, Full disclosure, and Adoption! Her mother and I have a great relationship, and I feel what she did was so brave and selfless. She is giving this sweet child a second chance at life. We have had Baby K since she was five days old so of course, we are thrilled to have this opportunity to be her forever family. As she is growing and learning I am loving her little but feisty personality. She is such a happy and loveable baby. She is starting to roll over and is realizing her body can go places. It is the cutest thing when she discoveries new things. She loves to eat; we have been doing the baby led weaning since she was three months old and it has been perfect. I plan on writing a blog about this too. She is allergic to tomatoes and hates! Bananas. We also learned that she is allergic to sunscreen. So if any of you mommas have any suggestions to protect her from the sun let me know. I tried five different brands so far, we have done a patch test before making that mistake again, and all of them create a rash. So as of right now, we care many hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas when we are outside. Thankfully she loves to wear her hat and sunglasses. I can’t wait to share the adorable photos once she is officially an Ortega.
I decided to take an anxiety and stress class. It is a ten-week class we are now on week 8. Now going into this class, I had never thought that I had experienced anxiety, the stress, of course, anxiety not even. I thought anxiety is when people couldn’t mentally pull it together get through a situation. Wrong and so thankful I decided to take this class. It has taught me how to prevent anxiety outbreaks with kids who are in care. How to identify triggers and how to help them through an anxiety attack. How to avoid stress and ways to cope. I took the class because I wanted to be able to help my kids more when it came to this. At the same time I realized there was a lot I needed to do in my life as well. My oldest daughter and mother have joined me in this class as well, and it has helped our relationships grow. I would suggest that if anyone deals with anxiety or stress to attend a class. On to my wonderful husband, he is studying for a test and will be taking the test soon. Updates on that once he is ready to announce it. I am so proud of him. HE supports us and takes care of us so well. I appreciate him so much; he tries so hard to get off of work to pick up the kids from school. That may seem silly to some of y’all, but he understands that loading three kids all in car seats to do pick up can become a pain. Especially if they have fallen asleep! Don’t wake the kids if you don’t have too. I only work Wednesdays and Saturdays, so he does go above and beyond to provide for us, and I can’t thank him enough for that. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom. We would joke that he would be the stay at home dad because I loved to work and was not about to stop what I loved to do. Now looking back it all fell into place. Julian can grow in his career and do what he enjoys every day. I can experience motherhood whole heartily. It has been fantastic watching our children grow, and for that, I will forever be thankful.
I am surprised I was able to write this much. Our youngest daughter is learning that mommy’s hip isn’t where she always needs to be. So she has played this long for me to finish up the blog. I hope y’all enjoyed the update and looked out for more blogs to come. Thank you all and have a beautiful day!
-Momma K and the bunch

Review: The Honest company

The Honest Company Review


I decided to try out The Honest company for the diapers. One I am a sore sucker for cute baby items. Two our sweet little one has one sensitive butt. So, I decided to utilize their offer online, and that just paid the shipping and handling, and the company will send you a sample box. I love bargains!
When I first got the box, which happened to be five days after I placed the order. I liked how quick they shipped out product.
I received seven adorable diapers, mind you I got to pick
out every single design and size. IMG_0768

My little one is 10 pounds and fit into the size one diaper.


I was a little nervous at first but my final thought I freaking love these diapers!! They fit her so perfectly and comfortably. Her little bum didn’t get a rash with these, and that was a huge plus! Her mega blowouts had no chance of escaping either.
Next, I received ten wipes.
To be 100%, I didn’t see
Myself purchasing these
Again. I practically didn’t
Like them and they felt a little dry. I did, however, like how thick they are, that was a plus.IMG_0777

I also received a sample size traveling kit which included Face and body lotion, Hand soap, Organic healing lotion, Shampoo, and body wash, and Multi-surface cleaner.


Let’s start with the positive, Surface cleaner LOVED! Used it for wiping off my changing table and even though I use a traveling changing table, I would still use the surface cleaner to wipe off the public restroom changing table before putting me down and then I would spray down my changing pad after I used it as well. The hand soap worked great for my middle daughter’s sensitive hands, and now she doesn’t break out in a rash! The organic healing balm I used on my son’s rash worked like a charm.
The con’s I didn’t like the hand lotion it has a unique smell I just couldn’t get over, and throughout the day I noticed I had to apply it often, unlike my typical lotion was I apply maybe three times a day. The shampoo and body wash…. This isn’t a con it wasn’t bad, but again I don’t see myself purchasing it. I am content with what I use now.
Overall I loved the diapers!! I plan on purchasing them again for Halloween, but unfortunately, it won’t be a monthly purchase I cant see myself paying that much for diapers every month! I do enjoy that you can purchase different designs that are a huge plus, but the price kind of kills it for me. They did have a bundle deal that was a neat feature as well as a monthly subscription. I would give them a try on the diapers and see what you think. I loved how well they fit and no rashes!! Woot Woot!!
Let me know in the comments below if you have tried out these diapers and gave me your thoughts. I would love some more feedback on other products that they sell as well.
-Momma K & the Bunch

***I am not affiliated with any company mentioned up above. This is my opinion and am not being paid to do this.