Review: The Honest company

The Honest Company Review


I decided to try out The Honest company for the diapers. One I am a sore sucker for cute baby items. Two our sweet little one has one sensitive butt. So, I decided to utilize their offer online, and that just paid the shipping and handling, and the company will send you a sample box. I love bargains!
When I first got the box, which happened to be five days after I placed the order. I liked how quick they shipped out product.
I received seven adorable diapers, mind you I got to pick
out every single design and size. IMG_0768

My little one is 10 pounds and fit into the size one diaper.


I was a little nervous at first but my final thought I freaking love these diapers!! They fit her so perfectly and comfortably. Her little bum didn’t get a rash with these, and that was a huge plus! Her mega blowouts had no chance of escaping either.
Next, I received ten wipes.
To be 100%, I didn’t see
Myself purchasing these
Again. I practically didn’t
Like them and they felt a little dry. I did, however, like how thick they are, that was a plus.IMG_0777

I also received a sample size traveling kit which included Face and body lotion, Hand soap, Organic healing lotion, Shampoo, and body wash, and Multi-surface cleaner.


Let’s start with the positive, Surface cleaner LOVED! Used it for wiping off my changing table and even though I use a traveling changing table, I would still use the surface cleaner to wipe off the public restroom changing table before putting me down and then I would spray down my changing pad after I used it as well. The hand soap worked great for my middle daughter’s sensitive hands, and now she doesn’t break out in a rash! The organic healing balm I used on my son’s rash worked like a charm.
The con’s I didn’t like the hand lotion it has a unique smell I just couldn’t get over, and throughout the day I noticed I had to apply it often, unlike my typical lotion was I apply maybe three times a day. The shampoo and body wash…. This isn’t a con it wasn’t bad, but again I don’t see myself purchasing it. I am content with what I use now.
Overall I loved the diapers!! I plan on purchasing them again for Halloween, but unfortunately, it won’t be a monthly purchase I cant see myself paying that much for diapers every month! I do enjoy that you can purchase different designs that are a huge plus, but the price kind of kills it for me. They did have a bundle deal that was a neat feature as well as a monthly subscription. I would give them a try on the diapers and see what you think. I loved how well they fit and no rashes!! Woot Woot!!
Let me know in the comments below if you have tried out these diapers and gave me your thoughts. I would love some more feedback on other products that they sell as well.
-Momma K & the Bunch

***I am not affiliated with any company mentioned up above. This is my opinion and am not being paid to do this.

September Ipsy bag

Every month I receive an Ipsy bag, It is a beauty subscription, and I pay $10 a month. I typically get my bag between the 16th and 20th of every month.

This months bag is a Black textured bag; I love this months bag.

I decided to share and review the products for you all this month.

It comes in a bright pink bag


September Ipsy bag


Black Textured bag with blue interior




It has an informational card about Charlotte Cho, the co-founder of the Korean beauty site, Soko Glam, and The Klog. She refers to her self as a Boss babe! On the average, the Ipsy bag comes with five items and the majority of the time I have received just sample size and rarely do I receive a full-size product. So this month I was pleased to see a full-size blush pallet

So the first item I noticed right away was the

Tarte mascara, Lights, camera, Lashes’ 4 in 1 Mascara


The average size mascara is $23. I purchased mine at Ulta, and I love this mascara. It adds volume and separates and curls the lashes as well. I can give an honest review and say that I approve this mascara. It doesn’t flake off and holds very well throughout the day.

Pacifica Coconut Blush


Pacifica Blush is the full-size product I received this month. I am so freaking excited about having a full- size product woot-woot! Bonus* it has a mirror on the back!!!!!

Colors: Beaming and Tenderheart

It is a coconut infused blush.

SO with Ipsy, it asks you multiple questions to get to know your skin tone, skin type, your likes, and dislikes. It is very customizable; I was interested right away to see if the tones would match me and uuuhhhh! I am in love! At first, the texture made me nervous, but it is effortless to apply. I was unable to find this exact pallet on their site but found them separate, each shade was $12 a piece.


Next we have,

Elizabeth Mott POP! goes the shadow



I received the color toasted, which has a shimmer finish. I tried a Smokey eye with this color, and It was very blendable and buildable. The full size is $13; it also has four other shades to choose from. I love getting these sample size eye shadows because it makes it easy when traveling. I have collected so many now it has been awesome to take these, instead of pallets. I am going to insert a color swatch of the blush and eye shadow.

eye shadow Toasted, Beaming and Tenderheart- SHADES

Flash and No Flash

Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance Primer



I have the regular Smashbox Photo Finish Primer I love how hydrating the formula is. I was excited to try this out because of the “glow” it claimed to give. I ended up giving this to my daughter. With my skin type, I just didn’t like how this looked with my foundation. I did, however, like how hydrating it is. My daughter’s makeup looked great though, and she had nothing negative to say about this product. The original price for the full size is $39.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off



I am trying this product out as I type, it has been on for about 15 minutes. First impression the smell is a little off-putting. Smells like cleaning products….. None the less I am giving it a shot. It is supposed to exfoliate, nourish skin for a clean complexion.

My kids think I put poop on my face. Haha oh well I will check back in with an update here shortly.

Okay, 80 poop jokes and 30 minutes later! I am impressed, minus the smell, I love how my skin feels! The original full size is $10 which is not bad at all for a face mask. I will be trying this out again.

I enjoy this subscription, and so do my girls. They can’t wait for the pink bag to come in the mail. This Ipsy bag I loved! Plus who doesn’t like a nice little surprise every month!

Let me know in the comments below what monthly subscriptions yall enjoy. I am curious to try out more monthly subscriptions.


-Momma K and the bunch